“We are not upset”: Gendir CSKA commented on the transition Eremenko in “Spartacus”

The CSKA leadership insists that they were surprised by the act of the player.

«Мы не сильно расстроены»: Гендир ЦСКА прокомментировал переход Еременко в «Спартак»

Gendir CSKA Roman Babaev commented on the transition Eremenko in “Spartak”. The coach said: “We are not upset, but surprised.” Babayev noted that the decision of the player was a strange, unexpected and unpredictable, because earlier he was not going to leave CSKA, and abruptly changed my mind.

Babayev also said that the leadership of the team to the last defended Roman Eremenko to the Commission of UEFA, but he “turned his back” and left the team. CSKA in 2016, did not impose sanctions and fines on Eremenko for the use of cocaine, but the player kind of attitude is not appreciated. The player is informed about transition in “Spartak” on 10 August. Fans opposed the adoption Eremenko due to its reputation.

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