We can’t allow our players went to Russia, – the President of “Agribusiness” Sikorsky

The President of “Agribusiness” Oleg Sobocki commented on the cancellation of the contract with Igor Sikorsky. With the player contract was terminated because he visited Russia.

According to Sabotage, the idea of divorce Sikorski supported the coach and Vice-President of the club.

Of course, I wanted to Igor and later played for our team. But after I saw his photo on the background of the symbols of our occupier, I was very annoyed. Don’t know why he left Ukraine and went to Russia which is the aggressor
said Sobocki in comments Sport Arena.

Sobecki said that did not doubt to take a decision on termination of the contract with Sikorsky. “I supported the head coach and Vice-President Andrey Donets. The decision was made unanimously”.

Today in Ukraine there is a war, but in my head I can’t believe there are people who do not understand. They go, take pictures and earn money our enemy. We have a team of Patriotic, Patriotic people, and this situation is unacceptable,
the President said “Agribusiness”.

He stated that the club cannot prevent the players of “Agribusiness” “went to Russia and supported our enemy”.

Also Sobocki convinced that my trip Sikorsky has harmed the image of the club.

“Definitely and it is not even discussed. He went to the aggressor and photographed with their national symbols, demonstrating a happy face. Sikorsky took pictures with symbols of Russia with a smile, as if there is no war. That day was wounded several of our defenders, and the headquarters of the environmental protection reported that two were killed. So what else can we say?”, – concluded Sobocki.

  • Sikorski, commenting on the termination of the contract, stated that it would not go to Russia if I knew about such a reaction.
  • This season, the First League Sikorski was held for the “Agribusiness” 18 matches, scored 8 goals and made 2 assists.
  • Previously striker played for the “Dawn”, Alchevsk “Steel”, “Helios”, “Nikolaev”, “Veres”, “Hirnyk-Sport” and Latvian “Daugavpils”.