We found 30-year-old “luxury” LADA Director ZAZ in perfect condition (VIDEO)

Найдена 30-летняя «люксовая» LADA директора ЗАЗ в идеальном состоянии (ВИДЕО)

In Zaporozhye in a closed garage-storage site, formerly administered by Zaporozhye automobile building plant, was made a unique discovery. In one of the boxes was discovered VAZ-21093 owned by the technical Director Zaza.

Car, descended from the Volga Assembly line in 1990, arranged on the odometer only 1150 miles. The state machine is perfect.

As it turned out, the owner had two “nines”, one of which he exploited every day, and the second in the luxury configuration – frugal hid in the garage. Anyway, this was told by Ukrainian blogger Roman Urraco, unweave the history of the car, which he bought.

Discovered “Lada” employee of the Zaporozhye plant is equipped with the petrol engine capacity of 69 power – the engine started with a half-turn, the machine on their own with ease, has escaped from captivity. The Deluxe version of VAZ-21093 give velour interior, additional sound insulation and a radio.