“We had errors”: Poroshenko made a Frank admission about his presidency

''У нас были ошибки'': у Порошенко сделали откровенное признание о его президентстве

Kiev is an important moments in Ukrainian history determined the destiny of the country. So it was in ‘ 91, so it was in 2004, when Kiev said “no” to the fraud.

So it was in the 13th, the 14th, when Kiev said “Yes!” The Association agreement with the EU, said the first Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko during a speech at the people’s meeting with Petro Poroshenko in the capital, reports the website of Petro Poroshenko.

“And I would like to pay tribute to Kiev and every resident of Kiev, who all these years defended Ukraine and our values. And especially to say thanks to Kiev for the 17th year, when a bunch of rods, wrapped in Ukrainian flags, carrying the coffins of Kiev, shouting “Kiev, get up!”. But Kiev showed them you know how this sign is called the Ukrainian language. So it was in ‘ 91, so it was in 2004, when Kiev said “no” to the fraud. So it was in the 13th, the 14th, when Kiev said “Yes!” The Association agreement with the EU, and “No!” to bullying of students and of democracy”, – the politician noted.

According to her, “Kiev will not give chance to undermine and bash Ukraine, when our military is so hard to defend it on the front. And so special thanks to the wisdom of Kiev and of Kiev.”

“We love Ukraine. This ukrainenato sure you don’t need a servant, decor, domestics, because we can handle it. Real ukraineby skeptical of the new Chancellor, the new emperors, because we need a Leader. One that very clearly defines where should Ukraine move. And we, ukraineby become close to to work hard and go that way. March 31, we’ll choose a servant and not a calculation, and a Leader. Of the Supreme commander. Chief diplomat, along with which should be to restore Ukraine to follow the path to the EU and NATO”, – said Gerashchenko.

She said that the national meeting was a lot of the military and our soldiers hate the enemy, which needs to win in order to restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

“But you know who the Ukrainian army despises? The army despises deserters. Those who betrayed the country, betrayed the oath and fled to the bushes in the most difficult moments, when the brethren went to defend Ukraine. And what is a military deserter is different from a political deserter.We can’t let even one vote political deserters? Those who 5 years ago during the most difficult points ran in the political bushes, and the other in times square, went to rest, they had depression. They had a book to read, they are tired. Then when they went to Parliament and promised to plough in Ukraine, to stand around, they just fled in the political bushes. Engaged in themselves – therefore, they are now so beautiful while you were engaged in the country. While we’re all together did everything to ensure that the country lived and survived. I think we betray the Ukrainian army, if you give up at least one vote for political deserters who today, a lot say they will do tomorrow. But I can’t say a word about what they did today or yesterday,” said Gerashchenko.

The politician said that he is very appreciate “the opportunity to speak honestly, eye-to-eye.” Also admitted that sometimes, “when the team President was wrong in these 5 years”. However, she is happy that there is a team that has the courage to admit mistakes and to apologize for correcting these errors.

“Tell me, in these days, when the whole “candidates”, 38 these characters come from all ethers say: we were not allowed on TV! And begin to tell you how bad only one candidate: at least some of them these days apologized to you for absenteeism in Parliament? Sold out for the army? For prisoners agreement with Putin? For being with him giggling? For laughing at Ukraine? When our children stood at the front, they called Ukraine girl? Ukraine – not a girl! Apologize for every word against Ukrainians and Ukraine”, – called Gerashchenko.

It is therefore very important, she said, to we 31 Mar, choosing the President, felt that he had to vote my heart and mind. Remember all deals made and to include the mind. If mistakes were to give the order to correct them, strengthen the team due to those lovely ukrainevotes including that gathered at the square.

“Today, we must realize that the next 5 years depend on us. I am convinced that Kiev will never vote for the sausage. Kyiv vote for freedom, vote for Kiev big goal – EU membership and NATO. So we are together and thank you for the 5 years we were together, despite the “rods” and despite all the provocateurs, who in these years hanging around these the world’s best streets. Thank each of you! The glory of Kiev and glory to Ukraine!”, – summed up the politician.