We have seen Xiaomi and Oppo showed smartphones with podarennoe camera

Такого мы еще не видели: Xiaomi и Oppo показали смартфоны с подэкранной камерой

Two Chinese manufacturers – Oppo and Xiaomi showed its prototype smartphones with podarennoe front camera. This solution will make the smartphone truly frameless.

Thus, the popular insider Ishan Agarwal has published a video where they showed a prototype smartphone Oppo, who will receive an original camera.

Manufacturer company Xiaomi has also decided not to lag behind and also demonstrated this technology on special versions of the flagship Mi 9.

How it works. This selfie camera is not visible on the phone screen. It only appears when start the camera app.

When to wait. Both versions of smartphones are only prototypes. The companies have not yet reported, when do you plan to release a smartphone with a unique camera. While insiders suggest that wait for them this year is not worth it.

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