“We in captivity”: the Ukrainians were put through hell in Egypt, what happened

«Мы в плену»: украинцам устроили ад в Египте, что произошло

Ukrainian tourists had complained that he was in “captivity” in Egypt

Another scandal stuck at the airport by Ukrainians erupted in Egypt. About it told in his Instagram, the Ukrainian blogger Lydia Kosharsky, which became one of the victims.

As it turned out, the tourists were unable to fly home after a holiday in a hot country. People blame the incident on your tour operator – the company Join UP!.

“We are in captivity. Just stuck in a foreign country at the airport is not the best type! Without access to information! Thanks bought a new SIM card and have a connection to the outside world!”, complained Kosharsky.

She explained that tourists had to fly to Ukraine on may 14 at 4:10 am. The flight was postponed several times, after which he was again cancelled.

“There comes a representative from Join Up, and says: “Today you are flying, going from the Duty free and go to the hotel. Somewhere around 21 hours we get to the hotel. Go for dinner and – shock! Go in the room – shock! Front Desk scornfully say: “You only 3 hours to sleep”,” – said the blogger.

After that, travelers reported that on may 15 they will still be able to leave at 12:30, but at the same time on the website of the airport the departure time was listed as 17:00.

“On arrival at the airport – problems. Do not miss! Your flight was yesterday! Come to the reception Desk and information: your flight no, your plane is not! You return to the hotel,” – said Kosharsky.

According to her, after that, the Ukrainians staged a riot at the airport.

“The following information is as follows: we changed airlines from Sky Up in Bukovyna Airlines. The people who were supposed to fly to Kiev, go to the hotel and we put them on the plane,” she wrote.

After that, she said that the group of tourists safely to the city.

«Мы в плену»: украинцам устроили ад в Египте, что произошло

«Мы в плену»: украинцам устроили ад в Египте, что произошло