“We need to act immediately and jointly,” Tymoshenko about the actions of the authorities to overcome the consequences of floods

"Нужно действовать немедленно и совместно", - Тимошенко о действиях властей для преодоления последствий паводка

The politician shared his experience of overcoming of consequences of floods in 2008.

In the struggle with the elements, you cannot lose, you need to act immediately and work together – the government and Parliament because of the speed and accuracy of decisions today affect the lives and welfare of the people in the disaster zone.

The Chairman of the party “Batkivshchyna” Yulia Tymoshenko said the TV channel “Ukraine is 24”.

“The main thing now is to act promptly and focus on helping people. Flooding will be a litmus test – able the government and the President, government in General to protect the citizens and stop the trouble,” – said Tymoshenko.

The party leader noted that the experience is and they need to be managed skilfully. In 2008, when the country was faced with the same challenge, was assembled Parliament, and quickly adopted all the necessary decisions, in particular, allocated funds to help the victims.

“We have gathered the government and the painted cover point by point what to do in almost every man” – said the politician.

“The worst thing now is to waste time on empty talk. Do not leave people in the lurch and left alone with their trouble. We cannot allow the aftermath of the disaster, the victims sought a penny to enjoy asylum. At that point, the state must take responsibility”, – assured Tymoshenko.

The Chairman of the “Batkivschyna” recalled that her government in 2008 found funds for reparation and reconstruction of infrastructure and housing for those who lost it.

“Even freed from tuition fees of students from those families who suffered from floods,” he shared the experience of ex-Prime Minister.

Tymoshenko stressed that in this difficult situation people need to feel that they are protected, cared for, and be able to plan for the future.

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