“We need to kill the Nazi”: the witness spoke about the attempt to Sternenko. Video

A new twist in the case of the Odessa activist Sergey Sternenko. In a network there was an interview of a witness who, he claims, he knew the victim well Sternenko Ivan Kuznetsov. The activist then said that he and his girlfriend were committed the assassination attempt and he was defending. All of these attacks on Sternenko in 2018 given the recent tragic was three.

All attacks on Sternenko occurred when he participated in actions against the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov. During the last attack of the activist was waiting at his home Ivan Kuznetsov and Alexander Isikol. They came to Sternenko, as he went with his girlfriend. According to the activist, he defended, took out a knife and stabbed Kuznetsova and Sicula. Kuznetsov died Sikulu managed to escape.

Case Sternenko now being investigated by the SBU, but recently there was an official statement that the security Service, interior Ministry and attorney General’s Office agreed on steps to investigate the death of Ivan Kuznetsov at the hands of Sergey Sternenko. The authorities find out, was it murder or self-defense. Against this background there was a video with a man who talks about the masterminds of the attack on the Odessa activist, intermediaries, and the price for such “work.” For reasons of your security, the witness has asked not to show his face and change the voice. At the same time he declares that he is ready to testify to the investigating authorities.