We need to know who can count on Shevchenko about the game the national team of Ukraine

Мы должны знать, на кого можем рассчитывать, – Шевченко об игре сборной Украины

Мы должны знать, на кого можем рассчитывать, – Шевченко об игре сборной Украины

The head coach of the national team of Ukraine Andriy Shevchenko commented on the game team in a friendly match against Estonia.

Remember, the Ukrainians won a minimal victory thanks to a goal in stoppage time. When this goal was scored thanks to a deflection.

Thanks to the fans

First, I want to thank the fans. Today, the stadium was full, despite the cold weather. I did not expect that the stands can be filled in five minutes, as it happened directly before the game.

About the game

The Estonians were charged. This command closes well in defence covers areas. It was important for us to score the first goal. We created enough chances to do so, controlled the ball, but it failed.

Today, it is important to give the opportunity to enter the field those who played less in the previous matches. I am very pleased with our performance in the first half, the structure of the game remained. As a result of ownership, transfer of the ball from flank to flank, we created chances, but lacked implementation. In the second half, the substitutions began, the players began to rush, there is nervousness. We had in the end to act otherwise. However, we still scored. Our victory is deserved.

Evaluation of the work of the players

Players, who now have the chance, we must compete with our leading players. We need to know who to rely on. For me it was important to see that the guys understand our requirements. Missing Malinowski, Zinchenko, Stepanenko, Rakitskiy are the leading players, who play an important role. On Sunday we will play with the other, more serious opponents, so this information was useful.

I didn’t have any reason for concern, but it was interesting to see how the guys who had less played, will be able to adapt to the structure of the game. So when I saw the first and, to a slightly lesser extent, in the second half, the guys understanding what we do and how are you going to overcome tight defence, it pleased me.

About the game in Serbia

Kryvtsov is preparing for the match against Serbia, we gave it a rest. We are gearing up for the match in Belgrade and want to show it a decent game.