“We need to talk”: what happened instead of the teleconference Moscow – Kiev

"Надо поговорить": что получилось вместо телемоста Москва - Киев

Is announced, but then cancelled on the Ukrainian side of the teleconference Moscow-Kiev TV channel “Russia 1” showed a program about the relationship of Russia and Ukraine “Need to talk”. Participants from Ukraine were few, and they discussed mainly the Soviet cinema.

The BBC Russian service leads the most striking quotes from the show – for those who couldn’t watch it.

Leading the show was Maria Sittel and Andrey Malakhov – his production Studio and was a producer of the show.

Sitting in the Studio honored artists of the RSFSR and a bit of the audience. Initially, the organizers of the show promised talk of “ordinary people”, but in the end, “ordinary” people, not actors or presenters, there were two – a brother of the writer Arkady Yining and the son of actress Margarita Shubina.

During transmission showed 15 excerpts from films and TV series, was made by 19 artists and athletes, there were 12 songs in Russian and Ukrainian languages.

Presenters: you Need to try to take a step towards rapprochement of peoples without politics and without intermediaries.

The correspondent of “Russia-1” polls of Ukrainians at the Kiev station in Moscow. Ukrainians who came to Moscow, they say that people are well disposed towards Russia, and the Russian pensioner says he is not afraid to travel to Ukraine.

Vladimir Menshov, the film Director: the First time I went to Kiev, when there was shot the movie “Happy Kukushkin”.

Show footage from the film.

Malakhov: you Have a lot of friends left in Ukraine?

Menshov: Mention my age. Many have already departed to the other world.

Malakhov: What would make the people of Ukraine?

Menshov: Access to Ukraine I have, I kicked back. This Wraith came down on our heads that are not allowed in the country. I treat this as a disease, because it can’t be human.

The Studio is part of the actress Lidiya Chashchina with a basket with towels and a dish with a portrait of poet Taras Shevchenko.

Chaschina: Hello, dear Russians, I was born on the Volga, I’m Russian, but it so happened that I am 52 years old live in Ukraine, love her. I’m grateful that you came up with this program because people need to talk. It wouldn’t have been bad if there was a teleconference, because you need a soul to speak to people without politicians.

Malakhov hugs actress.

Chaschina: Ukraine has always been hospitable, I couldn’t come without a gift. This is for you – dumplings, fat, towel, as it should be. And a dish with a portrait of Taras Shevchenko. I think your program is a God descended from heaven idea, because art is eternal must win temporary.

Malakhov: You are not afraid to come to us, you are here today, you are a true Ambassador of peace, dove of peace. We’re all human, love each other, between us there is no policy.

Sittel: See footage from the Olympics in South Korea. First place was taken by athlete-freestyle skier from Ukraine Oleksandr Abramenko. And here Russian skier Ilya Burov. Both athletes under one flag [Ukrainian] on the podium – the Olympic games in Pyeongchang.

The video goes Boers.

Sittel: whose idea was the photo with the flag?

Boers: Alexander embraced me as a friend and supported. We are friends, between us there are no disagreements.

Malakhov: And which Ukrainian musicians do you listen to?

Boers: I’m not a music fan, a lover of different music.

Malakhov: Well, Kazka, “Cried”?

Boers: No.

Malakhov: And Verka Serduchka, “Viagra”?

Boers: Yeah, of course.

Singer Alexey Poddubny: I’m from Kiev. Our family has always been a cult of Russian culture. I don’t remember any conflicts on the basis of language or some kind of hostility. It is only then, in the late ‘ 80s something began to change. This for me is very painful. I never shared Russian and Ukrainian people, considered as one people.

I now live in Moscow, I would like to go to Ukraine, but I’m on the list “the Peacemaker.” The cake also had not eaten. Friends stayed in Ukraine, but it is difficult to communicate, they live under pressure from the media. The Ukrainian people want friendship and unity, like the Russian people. We must love each other. Bequeathed to us – love your neighbor.

Writer Arkady Yining: I spend half my life in Kharkov, and now I’m in Kiev is not allowed. My brother lives in the winery, we had not seen for over 40 years.

Show brother, who walks in the winery.

Yining: It’s horrible, it’s sad that you can’t see my brother. We must try to preserve memories of the wonderful times when Russia and Ukraine were together. It was impossible to imagine before.

Music producer from Kiev, Yuri Thales is enabled by Skype.

Thales: I was at the 2018 world Cup was a crazy experience, was a beauty. We miss you all. I was not included in any lists, I constantly go to Russia and Crimea. All are so tired of politics and want peace, I hope that our presidents will be better that people did not suffer.

Sittel: Right, yesterday was a conversation between the two presidents.

Malakhov: And 2019 on the channel “Russia” started with a duet of Malakhov and the Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak.

Show their performance.

Malakhov: And now go down to the metro station “Kievskaya”.

Show the story of the subway.

Reporter: the Station “Kiev” – a symbol of friendship between the two countries. Muscovites are proud of the fact that there are such stations in subway. Wherever you look, it seems that you now a little bit in Ukraine.

The reporter says it is “in Ukraine”.

Muscovites: It is a very popular station, can not imagine the Moscow metro without a station “Kiev”.

Malakhov: Our reporter spent the night at karaoke in the capital, let’s see what there singing.

Visitors karaoke sing songs in Russian and Ukrainian languages, eating and drinking.


  • “Chervona Ruta” – Sofia Rotaru
  • “Yellow tulips” – Natasha Koroleva
  • “Moon, moon” – Sofia Rotaru
  • “I don’t understand” – Verka Serduchka
  • “Your eyes” – Svetlana Loboda
  • “Random” – Svetlana Loboda
  • “Crying” – Kazka
  • “I won’t give up without a fight” – “Okean Elzy”
  • “Ty Zh mene pidmanula”, a folk song

Visitors karaoke: We sing Ukrainian songs in Russian. For the song fat and gorilochka a little bit.

Musician Kay stamps: In the 90-ies I started my popularity in Russia and Ukraine. Then there was the group “Nancy”. We were friends with them. Until 2014 we always celebrated together, the birthdays.

Include a video for the song “Smoke of cigarettes with menthol”.

Kai Metov: the Fraction of [lead singer] died a son, and I have not had the opportunity to fly to Kiev and support the Shred. It is time to drop everything and cuddle. All political things have to fold, give me a hug.

Sittel: Tolik, come to us in Russia.

Actor Vladimir Konkin: I Have a lot of books at home, on the shelf I have is Chaadayev, next to him is Gregory Pan. They are close, they’re brothers. My old regiment, where Pushkin stands next to Shevchenko.

Shevchenko poem reads: “my thoughts, my thoughts, Lykho meni s Vama!”

Konkin: If these brilliant authors were on the shelves of our politicians, there would be no confrontation. To divide us is impossible.

Malakhov: Vareniki with cherries or potatoes?

Konkin: choose Vareniki with potatoes. Because the vodka on the table, and vodka dumplings with cherries – not so much.

Actress Margarita Shubina: I entry. Now, apparently not. But I’m not afraid of anything. Took him to the presidential elections in Ukraine. I am in Kiev walk the streets, speak Russian, and I know. All of us love – in hotels, in shops, security guards, drivers. Everyone says Hello, even the stewardess at the airport saying Hello. So I send you.

Son Shubina Seraphim: the Ukrainians are ordinary people, like Russian.

Athlete Lidia Ivanova: Sport unites the entire world. I like the title “Need to talk”. I can’t imagine that we have reached this state. Comrades, we live together, and live cut we do not need. You up there to sort things out, but we love each other.

Malakhov: Today the Orthodox holiday of St. Peter and St. Paul, over the post. Congratulations to all the Orthodox.

Show footage of the service from Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra. Show actor Alexander Goloborodko and his wife Svetlana Shershneva.

Shershneva: We got married in the Crimea, Simferopol. I’ve long wanted to say about Ukrainian tolerance. I came from Voronezh to Ukraine with my parents, I went to Ukrainian school. And I asked the teacher: “Be a weasel?”

I said my name is not “budlaska” and Shershneva. I loved because I spoke in English and Russian. I’m the only one in school played in Russian, and I played along, although the door was written: “Rasouli Tilke Ukrainian movu”. I am grateful to Ukraine for my husband Sasha.

Goloborodko: I don’t speak Ukrainian, I own it. I have a bilingual family. I’m to the bone Ukrainian.

Malakhov: In the movie “the Servant of the people” the main character – Goloborodko.

Goloborodko: 44 years I live in Moscow and I have always positioned themselves as Ukrainian. I had a jubilee, and called it “Ukrainian Moskal”. I read Shevchenko, and best of all read it.

Sings “I’m not a stranger, and you me your. I go on Khreshchatyk, as in Tver, and at Tverskoy go as the Khreschatyk”.

Goloborodko: This is our essence.

Malakhov: Ukrainian TV presenter Regina todorenko and the Russian singer Vlad Topalov was recently married. Here is their dance, for the first time on television.

Show the dance from the wedding.

Sittel: It’s not only wedding, confirming the friendship of Russia and Ukraine. Businessman Oleg Kesaev married Olga Klimenko, “Miss Ukraine”. Love has no borders and nationalities.

Via Skype from Kiev included artist Lyubov Tytarenko.

Titarenko: I look at the audience in the Studio with tears. We have lived for centuries in friendship and peace. It is hard in a country at war. I believe that such a teleconference is needed, but the first teleconference would have to be held with the Donbas. There are people living in poverty around the shots, grandparents are starving, and the government in Kiev, snickering. Today it is dangerous to reach a large audience and to tell the truth.

Sittel: Our goal is to stop the war in the Donbass.

For a humorous duet Kiev, Vladimir Danilets and Vladimir Moiseenko.

The Danilets: We baptized a grandson was named Vladimir. It’s a great idea of the teleconference, it’s time to do it. It has long been necessary and the Ukraine, and Russia.

Actor Rustam Sagdullaev: All assalam alaikum! We are not eternal, we ever leave. You need every moment to communicate, to love and to be friends. This is the most valuable thing in this world, what would you do if you were a nation.

Sittel: We would like to see the kind words that were heard today in the Studio, sounded again and the Kiev Studio.

Malakhov: the Good will win!