“We tried”. An unusual advertisement for Volkswagen Beetle (PHOTOS)

«Мы пытались». Необычная реклама Volkswagen Beetle (ФОТО)

For the U.S. market, the Volkswagen Beetle was too ugly, small and slow, but the humor and the human language of advertising made it into a blockbuster.

Compact Volkswagen Beetle was almost ready for production in 1938, but actually began to be released only after the Second world war, and in 1949 was sold to the public. Easy and cheap car became a bestseller not only in Europe, which rose from the ruins, but also in several export markets, including the us.

For the U.S. market Beetle was too small and thin, so advertising had to focus on its low cost and efficiency.

The promotion model of engaged Agency Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB), which from the beginning of a joke and ruin the stereotypes about cars. “Beetle” was presented as a very reasonable and cheap to operate car that was to compensate for all its shortcomings.

Standard advertising layout of those years for Volkswagen served as white coffee sheet with the image of a small car, one with a sarcastic caption and detailed captions in small print, in which the same humor explains why the Beetle is such and others will not.

«Мы пытались». Необычная реклама Volkswagen Beetle (ФОТО)

«Мы пытались». Необычная реклама Volkswagen Beetle (ФОТО)