We voted for fair and equitable state, and as thanks got the 50% growth of public utilities, – Gennady Gutman

Мы голосовали за честное и справедливое государство, а в качестве благодарности получили 50% роста коммунальных платежей, - Геннадий Гуфман

The head of Dnipropetrovsk regional organization of the “Opposition platform For life” Gennady Gutman gave his opinion about the high salaries top management of the country and improve public services for residents. The politician noted that such a state cannot be called social and fair.

About this he wrote on his page in Facebook.

Entertaining arithmetic to the beginning of the working week. Instead of an epigraph we can remember the old nursery rhyme about the magpie, which “cooked the porridge,” and then “… it has given, and it is not given”.

Who gave?

Head of the Supervisory Board of “PrivatBank” American Sharon Claims receives in Ukraine, 2 thousand dollars salary per day.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board of “Ukrzaliznytsia” Turks Sevki acuner receives a monthly 23,5 thousand dollars (640 thousand hryvnia). Our ardent “revolutionary gruntovik” Sergey Leshchenko in the same Supervisory Board costs pathetic penny – 13 thousand dollars per month (350 thousand). By the way, the usual railroad this month was transferred to a 4-day working week, that is, stole 20% of their monthly salaries.

Shock work in their offices and Ukrainian women. Monthly income (salary+award), Deputy Minister of communities and territories Natalia Kazanowski amounted to 7 thousand ($188 thousand UAH). The Deputy Minister Yulia Sviridenko salary for may is 3.5 thousand dollars (96 thousand hryvnias). Here’s an interesting paradox – there is no economy, and the salary “for the economy” – is.

Who gave?

According to the state service statistics, the arrears of wages in Ukraine as a whole on June 1, amounted to 3,143 billion hryvnias, for may debt rose by 4.9%! Including the increased debt to the public sector: workers education of 7.6% (up to 17,732 million UAH), the doctors (in terms of the epidemic!) 7.4% (to UAH 30,174 million).

How to live without money? Answers SSC.

For the first quarter of the year, the income of the population amounted to 874,4 billion hryvnias, and expenses – 935,5 billion. That is a savings of Ukrainians was reduced by 61,1 billion hryvnia. In the latest stash.

And what we are spending? Also, the state statistics Committee said.

State statistics recalled that in may 2019 for us all has been credited with 5.6 billion UAH for the payment of utilities. Then the head of state declared that the utility bills are smaller. But in may of the current 2020 we all accrued from service providers to 8.7 billion. It turns out that for the year payments increased by 50%. Turns out that the SSC had not heard the instruction Zelensky and not corrected statistics?

However, fans of the current Guarantor may argue that 5 years Poroshenko gas prices increased by 1090%, the cost of heat at 1225%, the utilities in the middle – on 740%. Yes, the amounts are astronomical. But well over five years, not one year as it is today. At that rate, his current five-year plan will perform ahead of time.

Not a social and fair is the state that pays fabulous salaries to its top management (not linking these payments with the results of their labors), but can not pay in time even the minimum wage of ordinary workers.

Last year we the majority voted for fair and equitable state. As a thank you for your votes got 50% increase in utility bills.

Maybe stop stepping on the same rake? “, – wrote Gennady Gutman.

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Alina Lyvadnyy

Мы голосовали за честное и справедливое государство, а в качестве благодарности получили 50% роста коммунальных платежей, - Геннадий Гуфман