“We were just contributors”: Surkis commented on the connection with Kolomoisky and bail-in

"Мы были просто вкладчиками": Суркис прокомментировал связи с Коломойским и bail-in

Businessman Ihor Surkis said that is in no way affiliated with Igor Kolomoisky and commented on the procedure of bail-in.

He said this in an interview with the sports channel “Datoteke”.

The interview was recorded before it became known decision of the court on the recognition of Surkis related parties with the ex-owner of PrivatBank Kolomoisky.

“Tied us up with Kolomoisky and we were just investors, like all 16 million at the time. So I decided something to take away.

I do Kolomoisky is in no way associated. Absolutely,” said Surkis.

On the comment of the journalist, that he has a stake in channel 1+1, Kolomoisky, Surkis said:

“I own 8% of the shares.

With the Bank I have a General no-no, and the fact that I own an 8.33% – I was tied up.

What is this bail-in, which they produced, if I have two daughters, the eldest daughter took the money (who lives with her husband of 10 years), and my youngest, not taken.

I have an official wife who did not took the money, and Grigory Mikhailovich (Surkis – EP) – wife, with whom he’s 41 years old divorced (he saw it 30 years ago) – took the money”, – says the businessman.

Operation bail-in by PrivatBank – the forced conversion of deposits into new shares of the Bank, which was released in December 2016 during the nationalization of the Bank, and then in the end with all the “old” shares of the Bank (100%) was purchased by the government (through the Ministry of Finance ) for 1 UAH.


On 15 June the Grand chamber of the Supreme Court partially upheld the appeal of the National Bank, Cabinet of Ministers and Privat and recognized the validity of a contract of exchange of Surkis in the Bank worth more than UAH 1 bn for the shares of the Bank (bail-in), which was later purchased by the state for 1 UAH.

The decision of the NBU in 2016 Surkis was recognized by the insiders of PrivatBank. The NBU has indicated that Igor Kolomoisky and Surkis – shareholders of TV channel “1+1”, which indicates the relationship of Surkis with PrivatBank.

Igor Surkis in PrivatBank, the account was 151 million, Polina Kovalik (wife of Grigory Surkis) – 514,1 million UAH, Grigory Surkis – 163,1 million UAH, Marina Surkis (daughter of Igor Surkis) – 174,5 mln UAH, Romila Surkis (the father of the Surkis brothers), 44.8 million UAH.

The family of Surkis in the Ukrainian courts seeking cancellation of the decision on the recognition of their associated persons of the banks.

"Мы были просто вкладчиками": Суркис прокомментировал связи с Коломойским и bail-in