Weak protection: Samsung Galaxy S10 took the photo on another smartphone for the owner

Ненадежная защита: Samsung Galaxy S10 принял фото на другом смартфоне за владельца

A brand new flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 checked for security, however, the product failed the test. It turned out that it is enough to show front camera Galaxy S10 image of the owner on the screen of another phone and lock will turn off.

Note about these controversial results reported in the publication AndroidWorld.

Various publications regularly check the stability of the unlocking function in the face of the owner of many smartphones. They tried to deceive the printed photographs, pictures drawn around the cylinder and even three-dimensional models of heads.

The most popular methods of authentication. Immunity to various types of fraud, and therefore the reliability of this type of biometric authentication depends on the method of scanning faces. The most common – a simple analysis of two-dimensional images using a conventional camera.

What protection more effective? Smartphones Apple and some manufacturers of Android devices use infra-red ToF camera to build detailed three-dimensional maps of the human personality. In this case, the reliability of the identification is sufficient even for authentication in banking applications.

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