Weak sales of the iPhone led to the problems at Foxconn

Слабые продажи iPhone привели к проблемам на Foxconn

Weak demand for the newest iPhone model has an impact not only on Apple itself, but at its main manufacturing partner, Foxconn. The manufacturer is suffering serious losses from the decline of orders for new items. The plant was forced to lay off several thousand people, and the salary of many employees were reduced substantially.

According to the newspaper South China Morning Post, the average wage of assembler Foxconn was 4000 yuan (~39 thousand). However, at the end of last year, the plant was forced to reduce the salaries of 3,000 yuan (about 29 thousand rubles). With all this, the working conditions became worse – employees have their own access to the plant, although all employees were offered a special Shuttle bus. Come down to the fact that Foxconn has started to charge for the Laundry and dry cleaning, although previously these services were absolutely free to all employees of the plant.

Another big problem Foxconn – high turnover of staff. According to the source, at the end of last year, employees literally lined up in the queue to fill out the necessary papers for the dismissal.

Analysts believe that all this – the consequences of weak iPhone sales. According to one of the factory workers, production line, which was about new smartphones Apple worked at peak capacity for only 20 days. For comparison, the same indicator for other iPhone models accounted for 4-5 months.

It is not excluded that in the future the situation will change for the better. At least, preconditions for this.