Wearing a mask will be more convenient: in China invented a special device for physicians – video

Chinese manufacturer of 3D printer Creality produces thousands of buckles for medical masks that will help make life easier for doctors, which almost round-the-clock wearing of masks leaves painful traces.

About the manufacture of such buckles, writes Dezeen.

Buckles allow ease wearing masks, and will reduce the pressure on the ears.

This arrangement allows to reduce the pressure on the ears / photo: Dezeen

Seeing that doctors and nurses complain of severe physical pain caused by the face masks, I began to think about what can help them ease the discomfort,
– said senior designer of the company Guoliang Ji.

Devices are printed on a 3D printer in a short time. Including 5 buckles can be made in one hour on a printer from the company Creality.

The firm is willing to share the layout / photo: Dezeen

The company is based in the Chinese city Ginseng and encourages citizens to do the buckles on their home printers.

Just the disposal of the company there are 100 printers, working 10 hours a day. Producing a shift of about 1600 masks.

Designer vpechatlili photos of physicians who are fighting with the coronavirus / photo: Dezeen

Note that after reducing the number of patients with coronavirus in China again resume the factory and design Studio.

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