Weekend is Easter 2019: how to spend it

Выходные на Пасху 2019: как провести с пользой

Easter in 2019 is celebrated on Sunday, April 28. Traditionally the Monday after a great holiday is a public holiday. But Ukrainians in 2019 will find a nice bonus in two more weekends, one of which, however, have to work. In the end, Easter, may holidays, we will rest for five days in a row.

According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers, working Tuesday, April 30, will take on Saturday,may 11. Wednesday, may 1st, celebrated in Ukraine on labor Day, official state holiday and a day off. The Ukrainians will have a small spring break from 27 April to 1 may.

Easter holidays imply numerous feasts and visiting guests. But to five days not only deal with the consumption of food and alcohol, and not living solely kebabs and garden works ONLINE.UA offers you like to spend warm spring days.

Because Easter in 2019 rather late, by this time the spring is fully come into force, and attacks on the nature will be quite frequent. Not to limit your weekend yard near the house and a forest within walking distance, is to go on a short trip home country.

So, in this time of the year for mad beauty pleases Uzhgorod, where they begin to bloom cherry blossoms. Usually, since mid-April, the capital of Transcarpathia turns into a Ukrainian Japan. Alley of Sakura in Uzhgorod is the longest in Europe. Dependent on the weather, flowering of these beautiful trees lasts approximately until the beginning of may. Also in Uzhgorod in the Easter holidays, there are festivals that attract tourists from all over Ukraine.

A special flair to the Easter holidays you can enjoy in the Ukrainian Carpathians. Every Carpathian village is famous for its features of making pysanky – decorated eggs. In addition, there is a variety of national dishes, dances, songs and the Easter fair. We should also mention the city of Kolomyia in Ivano-Frankivsk region. Here is the famous Museum of Easter Eggs, which collected a unique collection of Ukrainian miniature painting on Easter eggs. Painted eggs in the Museum never cease to amaze with their beauty and color for many years.

For lovers to enjoy the spring beauty is worth a visit Khust in the Transcarpathian region. There in Kireshi tract is a unique Valley of daffodils, which is just in time for Easter becomes indescribably beautiful. Note that here is the world’s largest array of natural thickets of Narcissus uzkolisty, listed in the Red book. During flowering this immense beauty in Khust are usually different exhibitions and festivals, organizes horse riding and Hiking in the Valley of daffodils, and you can also visit the Museum of Narcissus.

For those on the Easter weekend will remain in Kiev, too, will find something to do. Just in time for Easter at the Botanical gardens of the capital you will admire flowering magnolias and inhale their divine aroma of spring. To Kiev during Easter weekend, prepare various celebrations, festivals and fairs.

Who has traveled all over Ukraine, or simply want to relax with a wide range, can go for five days abroad. Spring in many countries especially have something to enjoy and where to go. For those who can not decide with a travel destination by National Geographic called the best tourist destinations for the spring season. The list includes the Columbia River and snake in the United States, Namibia, Japan with its blossoming cherry trees, the Seychelles, Easter Jerusalem, and others. To see the entire list and choose what you like for you, here.

I hope that in 2019 Easter weekend nobody will get bored and after a healthy rest will return to work with new forces and impressions.