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Який набір ваги під час вагітності – норма - 24 Канал

During pregnancy all women gain weight. According to doctors, the weight gain from 6 to 15 kg is considered normal and does not require too much attention. But what if the other indicators?

To avoid the accumulation of excess weight during pregnancy – it is necessary to organize proper nutrition, reports, “Our mother”.

1. A woman in normal condition needs about 2000 kcal, pregnant – 3000 kcal. If a woman is inertia and a sedentary lifestyle, then the need for the amount of energy decreases.

2. More energy pregnant need in the second trimester, not the first.

3. During pregnancy a woman should watch the diet, which differs from the rules of nutrition for all. After all, the diet should be correct and balanced, and produce preparing food should be rich in vitamins, micronutrients and so on.

4. What not to eat during pregnancy:
– carbonated beverages;
– fast foods, crisps and crackers;
smoked, spicy, salty, pickled, canned foods;
– canned food industrial production.

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