Weight loss of 10 kg for the New year: the nutritionist gave top 10 tips

Похудение на 10 кг к Новому году: диетолог дала топ-10 советов

Before the New year, the urgent issue is how to lead your figure without harm to health. Nutritionist has prepared top 10 tips for the Christmas season, to lose 7 to 10 kg, in order to have a stunning appearance.

1. It is necessary to clearly define the goal. Even 4-5 kg is a good result.

2. Understand what’s stopping you to get the result (the consumption of sweets, late dinner, daily alcohol).

3. You’ll have to give up bad habits for at least 1 month.

4. Eat lots of vegetables – cabbage, pumpkin, beet, frozen vegetables.

5. Regularly drink water.

6. Dine to 19 hours. Can buckwheat, fish, eggs (one thing) with vegetables.

7. Train 3-4 times a week.

8. From the diet should exclude milk and sugar.

9. Find a support group.

10. The possibility of the violation remains. Sometimes allow myself a treat.

By the way, the best tactic for weight loss German scientists believe the choice of the so-called intermittent diet, or intermittent fasting. This method of nutrition will not only lose weight, but continue to hold him. And someone may be able thus to lose weight permanently.