Welcome Russia: how the West is flirting with Putin eyes Ukraine

Добро пожаловать, Russia: как Запад заигрывает с Путиным на глазах Украины

Ukraine has not had time to move away from the painful return of Russia to the PACE, as friends of Kiev in the West once again melted in his love for Russian President Vladimir Putin and decided to give it a new diplomatic victory. Interestingly, the Kremlin’s concessions to the West even didn’t lift a finger. However, two of the West’s top politician said that Russia’s time to return to the “big eight”, which without Moscow existed in the G7 format.

All the details of the impending triumph of Putin, the reasons for the expulsion of Russia from the G8 and the reaction network of the possible return – in the article “Apostrophe”.

Make Russia the G8 again

The first about the need to return to Russia in the G7, said the President of France Emmanuel macron during a meeting with Putin (“Apostrophe” in some detail wrote about it here). During the meeting macron called for a return of the G7 in Moscow, calling Russia the main force that “plays a crucial role in resolving crises” in the world.

“I believe in European Russia and the sovereign in Europe, that is Europe stronger, which should find new opportunities through dialogue with Russia”, — said the President of France.

This could be attributed to the courtesy of the host country, which says a lot of beautiful phrases, but in the end, it never comes down to it.

However it became known later that the President of the United States Donald trump spoke with Him by phone and, lo and behold, suddenly agreed that it is time to return to G7. The subject leaders “the big seven” can be discussed at the summit, which will be held in the French city of Biarritz from 24 to 26 August. If the decision is taken Buda, Russia can return in 2020.

“President Obama (ex-US President Barack Obama – “Apostrophe”) did not want Russia was in the G8 because Putin has outwitted him. It’s too bad that Russia is not in the G8… I want Russia was in the G8. Soon the G8 summit. If someone raises this question, I would support the return of Russia in the strongest terms,” said trump.

Добро пожаловать, Russia: как Запад заигрывает с Путиным на глазах Украины

Donald trump: “Obama didn’t want Russia was in the G8 because Putin outwitted him”

Why Russia removed from the G8

The main reason for the exclusion of Russia from the “big eight” became the annexation of the Crimea. Western countries harshly criticized the Kremlin for the fake referendum on the Peninsula, and therefore was considered absurd the planned G8 summit in Sochi. Instead, the summit took place in Brussels without Russia. Thus, the “great eight” turned into “seven”.

Come to the bow

Putin, answering journalists on the idea of Macron, turned on the wit and said to come back-he is nowhere.

“How can I go back to the organization which doesn’t exist,” he said.

Meanwhile, Putin said that Russia is ready to accept members of the “big seven” and to renew contacts with them.

“Was Russia’s turn to hold the “eight” at the time, and our partners didn’t come. Please us any time we welcome our partners, in the framework of “seven”, – said Putin.

The Russian foreign Ministry also said that if the West has something to offer Moscow, it is necessary to draw up proposals and send them to the Russian authorities.

“Should be suggested, if any, and transferred to the Russian side for consideration. It is difficult to understand what was going on. Therefore, it is necessary to postpone the discussion of the topic of public entertainment in the professional sphere, if the “seven” wants to position itself as a serious format,” – said the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

At the same time, close to Kremlin Telegram-channel Nesigur writes that the return of Russia in the G7 “seriously is not considered neither in Moscow nor in Western capitals”.

“Such a return in exchange for certain concessions Russia does not need. The structure of G7 does not take into account the interests of Russia. Yes, and Moscow in this structure there is nothing to discuss. The source also did not rule out the possibility that trump could invite Putin as a guest to come next year at the G7 in America”, – stated in the message Nizagara.

Добро пожаловать, Russia: как Запад заигрывает с Путиным на глазах Украины

Putin, answering journalists on the idea of Macron, turned on the wit and said that he had nowhere to go

So now Crimea is Ukrainian again?

Meanwhile, the network faced a wave of anger and despair because of the concessions of the West to Russia. In particular, Ukrainians note that Russia’s behavior in 2014 was in no way changed, and such “bowing” of the West front of Moscow can provoke a new war.

Roman Shrike, a popular blogger

“Trump and macron have agreed to bring Russia back into the G8 next year”. Great news! Next year Russia will leave the Crimea!!! Because it was expelled from the G8 over annexation. And time now return, and the annexation of the end. Yay!

P. s. what a p**Dec(

Irina Gerashchenko, MP, “European solidarity”

Trump plans to return to Russia in the G7, the macron, is fond of European monsieur Putin. In the new Parliament the number of committees of European integration and foreign Affairs of the ruling party set the least -7 and 10 members. From the Ministry of foreign Affairs and OP on the recent statements of our partners and their blatant flirting with Putin – zero response.

Foreign policy is irrelevant in the state in the smartphone.

Everything happens very quickly. And you really did it together.

Alexander Turchinov, the former head of the national security Council

Instead of increasing economic and political pressure, Russia will return to PACE, and the leaders of leading countries – strategic partners of Ukraine, to discuss the return of the evil Empire that is revived to participate in the summit of the countries “Big seven”! Such irresponsible steps finally bury the system of collective security, legalized denial and revision of blood-drenched world war II boundaries of European countries and will be the impetus for more large-scale crimes and aggressive actions of the Russian Federation.

Alexey arestovich, a military expert and blogger

There is a part of Ukrainians, who wanted total war against Russia, but the problem is that total war doesn’t want Russia itself.

Therefore, the Collective West hopes to negotiate with Russia, despite the many specific contradictions because it is not about total war, and the rebalancing of forces.

Another thing is that this balance Russia and the West see it completely different, and despite all attempts at rapprochement, the contradictions between KZ and Russia, will increase.