“Welcome to Putin’s Russia”: the Star of the Comedy Club was not allowed in the US

«Добро пожаловать в путинскую Россию»: Звезду Comedy Club не пустили в США

Timur Batrutdinov, Russian comedian and resident of Comedy Club was unable to obtain a visa to the United States of America, as it was refused at the Embassy. About this on his personal page in social network Instagram was spoken by the comedian, recorded a short video message informs Newsmir.info.

Timur apologized to the fans who have been waiting for his performances on the territory of the United States. In turn, the followers of comedian he remembered the sharp humor to the state, which refused him a visa. “I want to apologize to the viewers who expected to see me at concerts in the US, the fact is that, for unknown reasons, I was denied a visa, I was not allowed,” said Batrutdinov.

A video of the comedian has been viewed over 300 thousand times. Some users of the social network pointed out possible reasons for refusal of entry of Timur. Many believe that the reason for the refusal of a visa are sharp jokes, which were previously allowed to let the comedian in the United States. “Acute sometimes joke about US, that’s not allowed”, “there was No need CP*t”, “Why do you need US?? Better than Russia there is no place in the world”, “CP*’t have to tell the others. Enjoy your “scrapey”, “Welcome to Putin’s Russia,” they wrote.