Well-known commentator said the reason for the resignation of the chief coach of FC “Lviv”

Известный комментатор назвал причину отставки главного тренера ФК "Львов"

Football commentator Victor Vatske shared his opinion about the reasons of resignation of Yury Bakalov of FC “Lviv”.

According to Victor Vatske, FC “Lviv” does not require a head coach, because the club impose its opinion of the mentor.

This is a story where there is a coach that has his opinion on personnel decisions. And there are the guide that he imposes his opinion. In “Lviv,” the head coach is no longer needed. There may be a coach only a person who has no opinion and he needs the money because he is poor on the football field. I’m just waiting for Alexey Borovikov, the head of the club, will receive a coaching license and start to train the team.

“But the responsibility lies with the head coach, not the ones who brought the players. You brought Brazilians carry the responsibility. If you do not want to bear, then don’t get these players. And while there will be such a situation, any respectable coach who respects himself and worries about his name and reputation, will not go there. It is a utopia for each of the coaches. With Bakalov is not the first time, and the continuation of the trend,” said Vatske.

Sport 24 wrote that on Monday, April 8, Lviv and 53-year-old Yuriy Bakalov took the decision to terminate the contract by agreement of the parties.

While the club is still without a head coach, but “lions” is considering to replace Bakalov number of candidates and intends to announce the name of the new coach in the coming days.

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