Well-known Ukrainian coach has hinted at his return to football

Известный украинский тренер намекнул на свое возвращение в футбол

Vitaly Kvartsyany who worked as the coach of “Volyn”, admitted that he would like to return to coaching.

Vitaly Kvartsyany in an interview with channel “Football 1” told why he stopped coaching and said about preparing yourself for a possible return to football.

I stopped coaching because I lost interest. Now, of course, miss the intense football life, the adrenaline, the tension. Football is such a thing which will not be cured.

Now doing themselves, their health. If you go back to work with the players to crosses run, to be in good shape. In sports: jumps, somersaults,
– Kvartsyanyy said.

Vitaliy Kvartsyanyi is known in Ukrainian football, due to the peculiar manner of statements at press conferences and emotional behavior during matches.

The last place of work was Known for “Volyn”, where he was both President and coach. In the summer of 2017, he resigned from both posts.

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