Went to the store – was arrested for a bribe calendars: what you need to know about the arrest Grymchaka

Вышел в магазин - арестовали за взятку календариками: что нужно знать о задержании Грымчака

Deputy Minister whether detained for a bribe in one million, or for the attempted murder of Tatiana Chornovil

Yury Grymchak. Photo: mtot.gov.ua

Later Wednesday evening, August 14, it became known that the arrested Deputy Minister of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons, Yuriy Hrymchak and his assistant

First Grymchak was charged with fraud and then accused of attempted murder. All the details of loud detention, read in the material “Today”.

“Ashamed of it”

As reported by the press service of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine, the detectives NAB, together with representatives of the office of special investigations of the General Prosecutor and the security Service of Ukraine detained Grymchaka assistant on a bribe in 480 thousand dollars. Established that the officials demanded from the representative of the legal person undue benefit to the tune of 1.1 million dollars. According to the Agency, Hrymchak and his assistant were detained on suspicion of committing a crime under part 4 St. 190 criminal code of Ukraine (“Fraud committed in especially large sizes or organized group”).

“These individuals allegedly responsible for the implementation of them impact on decision-making by persons authorised to perform functions of the state, demanded from the representative of the legal person undue benefit to the tune of 1.1 million dollars. While receipt of funds in the amount of 480 thousand dollars they were detained on hot”, – stated in the message.

Criminal proceedings are investigated by a joint investigation team composed of representatives of NABU, the security service and SIS GPU.

The wife of a detained officer Julia Grymchak wrote on his page in Facebook that informed employees of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine has held the Deputy Minister searches.

“Now is delay my husband Grymchaka Yury Nikolaevich the General Prosecutor of Ukraine. We have in the house is being searched”, – stated in the message.

Later the information about the detention Grymchaka confirmed by the General Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko.

“Yes, it’s true. The GPU and the SBU investigators and NABOO was arrested for fraudulent misappropriation of more than $ 1 million of my former assistant and Deputy Yury Grymchak. NSRD shows that he and his aides demanded money for influence on the decisions of the courts and officials of the Ministry of culture for making customized solutions,” – said Lutsenko.

“Ashamed of him. But it shows that in GPU – one law for all”, – concluded the head of the Prosecutor General.

During the detention had to call an ambulance

Details of loud detention

the lawyer said Felix Kasharskiy.

“According to the wife Grymchaka Julia, the official was detained around 21:40 when he went to the store. She claims she first hears about the bribe, which incriminate her husband. The woman calls the criminal political order. According to Yulia Grymchak, the second detainee is her brother”, – is spoken in the message.

The lawyer said that the Deputy Minister is “on Boris and Gleb” (probably in the office of special investigations of the Prosecutor General on the street Boris and Gleb in Kiev).

In addition, it appeared that the assistant Grymchaka Igor ovdiyenko became ill during his detention.

He called an ambulance, which arrived about 21:20. First ovdiyenko was sitting in his car, and about 23 hours he went and lay down in the ambulance. Doctors diagnosed him with high blood pressure 230/170. Ovdiyenko the lawyer added that his client diabetes and II group of disability.

It is noted that Igor ovdiyenko detained about 20:00 on Prospekt Pobedy, near the metro station “Nivki”. What’s Range Rover, which was ovdiyenko, law enforcement officers found 480 thousand dollars.

According to media reports, the money Grymchak asked one of the developers for their services. The detainee allegedly used his connections with the leadership of other departments – the Department of cultural heritage protection and reserves Ministry of culture. Grymchak and allegedly acted as a mediator in obtaining an illegal building permit in those places, which represent historical value and protected by the state.

The Ministry of culture and Minute “disowned”

It is expected, in Minute “disown” the detained official. So, the press service of the Ministry of the temporarily occupied territories and IDPs stated that the detention Grymchaka does not concern the activities of the Ministry and is not connected with the performance of him duties as Deputy Minister.

Thursday, August 15, possible involvement in “case Grymchaka” commented the Ministry of culture of Ukraine.

The Ministry of culture also denies the involvement of its employees to the possible illegal collaboration with the Deputy Minister. About it reports a press-service of the Ministry.

The Ministry said that from 1 January 2019, with the entry into force of amendments to the current legislation, the Ministry of culture has no legal grounds for approval of any new construction in historically populated areas, including in Kiev.

“Therefore, any accusations or suspicions regarding the abuse on issues of urban transformations, the Ministry of culture are groundless, far-fetched and those that are not based on any law. The Ministry does not coordinate the projects of construction or reconstruction of buildings in historically populated areas, including in Kiev”, – said in a statement.

What is the duality of such corruption scandals,

explained in comments to the website, “Today,” the Chairman of the Board of the Center for applied political studies “Penta” Volodymyr Fesenko.

“I’m afraid this is a typical situation for many Ukrainian officials. Just across the unit. Looks like SBU’s been watching. Most likely, someone who Grymchak and his assistant agreed, decided to “squeal” in the SBU. Now why did this happen? Because right now was to be held the transfer of money. There is no need to look for a black cat in a dark room. Another thing – could it be like that when Poroshenko. Earlier, maybe I would close my eyes to the information that it takes money. And now there are no deterrent, so the case Grymchaka gave the course. And then the question of technique”, – the analyst believes.

But at the same time the situation with the detention Grymchaka can be interpreted in two ways: on the one hand, such detention is a positive phenomenon in terms of fighting corruption. Another thing is that major corruption scandals do not end with the punishment of corrupt officials.

“Ukrainians condemn the corruption of the elite, so they will welcome the situation with Hrymchak. And in this respect it will work on the arm of the new government. But here is the problem: the population condemns corruption of the elite, but is quite tolerant household. Besides, I’m not sure it Grymchaka will end in some result. You remember Nasirov? More than a year to read the charges. In the book of records to enter… we Have impossible to put one, because you got corruption, and you can pay off. It is clear that this does not guarantee that you then do not go to jail. But then going to the courts to pay off. As practice shows, in our courts of law to “solve” the issues. Little delay, should be punished to the verdict. While we do not see”, – the expert continues.

Unexpected turn in the case

But in the afternoon on Thursday, August 15 educatation have Mataruska new details of the detention Grymchaka.

She stated the Protocol from the investigators, which gave counsel after the arrest of the official. So, according to Matyas, “bribe” half a million dollars was not real money, and calendars, imitating bill.

“No. Cash wasn’t there – he withdrew his own funds and there are still some funds.Those half a million that they are talking about, it was not. There’s half a million – it was calendars”, said Matyas.

At the same time, the lawyer noted that the police have not explained clearly what exactly detained Grymchaka. She has read the Protocol, which was given to her. Oddly enough, it’s not about mediation in obtaining illegal building permits and are referred to much more serious charges – attempted murder.

“The fact of committing 25.12.2013 year on the highway Kyiv – Kharkiv attempt at murder from mercenary promptings on the order on preliminary arrangement by group of persons Chornovil T. M., and also upon Commission by officials of the Ministry of the temporarily occupied territories and displaced persons from mercenary motives of intentional actions,” she said.

The lawyer knows where he is detained Hrymchak and his agent – they had to deliver in prison but who knows they’re there or not.

In NABOO, meanwhile, insist that the detained Grymchaka for two corruption schemes.

How do I find the yet representative of a private company while interacting with Grymchak reported the problem, the solution of which belongs to the sphere of competence of the judiciary.

“This LLC (limited liability company) required consultations on the consideration of civil cases for the recovery of a debt from another private enterprise in his favor. On this appeal the Deputy Minister said that for a reward in the amount of 100 thousand dollars, using his connections, will be able to ensure the necessary judicial decisions. According to officials, he allegedly had to contact the Deputy attorney General to affect the head of the civil court of Cassation (the Supreme court), which, in turn, may affect judges of the same court”, – told in NABOO.

It is noted that in the future, the bribe amount was reduced to 80 thousand. After receiving the first part of the sum of 50 thousand dollars.Grymchak and his “accomplice” distributed the funds among themselves. Veracast in the amount of 30 thousand dollars they былапередана14 Aug 2019.

In addition, a company representative told the officials that he encountered difficulties approval of permits for implementation of construction works on the land plots in Kyiv, which, in accordance with the law belong to the cultural heritage. But here Grymchak, according to fighters, offered his “services” to ensure coordination of project documentation for a cash consideration of us $ 1 million.

We will remind also that earlier the employees of the Main Department for combating corruption and organized crime of the security Service has Ukraine.resolution on a bribe rukovoditelyami Department in the Ministry of energy and coal industry.The special operation to expose the illegal activities of officials was conducted jointly with investigators of the National police under the procedural guidance of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

Вышел в магазин - арестовали за взятку календариками: что нужно знать о задержании Грымчака

Вышел в магазин - арестовали за взятку календариками: что нужно знать о задержании Грымчака

Вышел в магазин - арестовали за взятку календариками: что нужно знать о задержании Грымчака

Вышел в магазин - арестовали за взятку календариками: что нужно знать о задержании Грымчака

Вышел в магазин - арестовали за взятку календариками: что нужно знать о задержании Грымчака

Вышел в магазин - арестовали за взятку календариками: что нужно знать о задержании Грымчака

Вышел в магазин - арестовали за взятку календариками: что нужно знать о задержании Грымчака