Went to visit my country – it has become known, where in Melitopol coronavirus driven

Съездили в гости и заграницу - стало известно, откуда в Мелитополь коронавирус везут

In Melitopol continue to routinely register cases of coronavirus. For the last day of such patients three. Where melitopoltsy COVID-19 in the city being taken, said the first Deputy mayor Irina Rudakova.

WITZ-the mayor noted that the Melitopol exactly two months managed to keep the situation from 30 April to 30 June, we have not registered any case of disease Kovalam. June 30 in city infectious hospital with coronavirus had been a resident of Melitopol district, and already on 8 July the disease was diagnosed at the inhabitant of Melitopol.

– In less than a month – from 8 July to 5 August, 17 ill residents of Melitopol. From them one child, two patients aged 18 to 29 years, one patient aged 30 to 64 years, three people older than 65 years. Recovered two melitopolya. Outpatients are 9 patients, of which one child. In-patient treatment today, there are six patients, – said Irina Rudakova.

The first Deputy of the mayor noted that on August 4, the city confirmed one family home, where three registered cases of coronavirus. They are all monitored as an outpatient. Earlier, the family had visited the lions.

From the total number of cases COVID-19 from the places arrived two persons, including from Kirillovka. Six people visited other cities of Ukraine – they were in Lviv, Poltava, Kiev, Zaporozhye. Two persons arrived from abroad, Moldova and Albania. Two people in contact with sick COVID-19, in five patients the source of infection is not set, – says Irina Rudakova.

Today, for the whole period of the epidemic coronavirus laboratory confirmed already at 53 melitopoltsy. Three of the case – for the last days. The number of cases had nine children, two of whom aged up to 4 years, 5 aged 5 to 14 years, two children aged 15 to 17 years. Among patients one nurse – doctor family clinic. overall age statistics looks as follows: 9 children, three patients aged from 18 to 29 years, 36 patients, from 30 to 64 years, 5 patients older than 65 years.

Note that two people who are now receiving treatment from COVID-19 in Melitopol infectious diseases hospital, are in serious condition in the intensive care unit. Two women, one of whom is aged over 65 years. Head gorzdravotdela Larissa Saprykin said that both patients though are in intensive care under close supervision of doctors, but to connect to a ventilator is not needed.