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Яку небезпечну інфекцію можна підчепити від кота - 24 Канал

68-year-old American was ill neuspesno infection – tularemia, patting the family cat.

This publication reports the Daily Mail.

The man went to the doctors with complaints about ugly swelling on the neck and multi-day fever. It turned out that he tularemia, and a lump in the neck is nothing like inflamed lymph nodes.

Dangerous infection husband picked up the cat, who had died the day before. American argued that the animal died of “feline leukemia” and the animal treated with the remedy of cancer. But no no no, the cat was not performed.

Tularemia compared to anthrax and plague. People become infected mostly from poorly cooked meat of a sick animal. But skin contact can also be a factor of infection.

Яку небезпечну інфекцію можна підчепити від кота - 24 Канал

Through infected cats can get tularemia

In addition, cats should as far as possible to keep from women who are expecting a child. Pets can infect a pregnant a disease that could seriously harm the baby, toxoplasmosis.

What is tularemia (a plague Pahvant valley)? It is an acute infectious disease which occurs with intoxication, fever, lymph nodes, skin, mucous membranes, lungs.

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