What a mess aging

Какая каша замедляет старение

Balanced low-calorie diet with the “right” plant foods helps to improve protein production sirtuin 1 (SIRT1), which is able to increase life expectancy. This was reported by the researchers, reports newsyou.info.

Scientists came to the conclusion that the inclusion in the diet of buckwheat increases the level of SIRT1. In the experiment, biologists have added 30% buckwheat in the diet of experimental rats and studied the effect of the product on their health.

The results showed that the buckwheat diet is so-called effect of caloric restriction, as this cereal contains large amounts of indigestible fiber. When added to the diet of buckwheat increases the production of SIRT1, – explained the author of the study Shubra Pande.

A similar effect on the body may have other plant foods, such as vegetables, fruits and nuts.

It is also known that buckwheat is one of the few grains that contains choline, a b vitamin needed for the nervous system. There are studies showing that buckwheat, due to the high concentration of flavonoids even reduces the risk of cancer. These substances inhibit the proliferation of malignant cells.

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