What about Huawei devices based on Android: answers to the most common questions

Что будет с устройствами Huawei на базе Android: ответы на самые распространенные вопросы

Recently it became known that Google breaks the business contacts with the Chinese company Huawei. In particular, the termination of cooperation were made in the sphere of support of the Android operating system.

Now many users of smartphones and tablets, Huawei has a lot of questions. Therefore, the company answered the most common questions. This information Techno 24 passed in a press-service of the company in Ukraine.

The impact of this situation on the sales of Huawei?

Huawei will continue to support security updates Huawei Honor products and how those products that have already been sold, and on sale worldwide.

Will the users continue to use Google services such as Google Play and Gmail on the smartphone Huawei?

Sold phones and accessories, now on sale, will not be affected. Their users will be able to use them as usual.

Will users be able to update your Google apps?


Will users be able to update apps from other developers?

Yes, these apps are also not affected.

This situation means that Huawei will accelerate the production of its own operating system?

Huawei has made a significant contribution to the development and growth of the Android operating system in the world. We will continue to make priority on the development and use of the Android ecosystem.


Why “quarreled” Huawei and Android?It all started with the fact that the US accused the Chinese manufacturer in the technical spying and collecting sensitive data using their equipment.

Huawei is a manufacturer of equipment for the introduction of 5G, so in the US and Europe were certain agreements and contracts for this reason. However, after the scandal, the American manufacturers called on European companies not to cooperate with Huawei in the introduction of 5G in Europe.

Subsequently, the Commerce Department has made of the Chinese company Huawei in the black list because of threats to national security. It is because of these sanctions, Google has decided to cease cooperation with Huawei.

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