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Яку пораду Меган Маркл отримала від своєї зіркової подруги: цікаві деталі - Lifestyle 24

The charming Meghan Markle though, and settled in Buckingham Palace, but did not forget about his Hollywood friends. According to Western media, the Duchess of Sussexite and still communicates with actress Priyanka Copray, George and Amal Clooney, tennis player Serena Williams and others. Last decided to give Meghan Markle advice.

As you know, Serena Williams and wife of Prince Harry for several years and are close friends. Athlete husband were among the invited guests at the Royal wedding, and Meghan Markle missed the final match of the tennis players at Wimbledon.

Serena Williams decided to talk about friendship with Meghan Markle and publicly give her a tip, reports The Daily Mail. She did this at the presentation of his own collection of clothing in Miami. According to some reports, after receiving the title of Duchess Megan has not changed in behavior and still too sweet.

I ask how she’s doing. And she answers me: “No, wait, how are you doing?” I said to her, “You’re so sweet, but I really want to know you’re OK! Megan, stop being so nice. You’re pregnant, aren’t you supposed to boil the hormones? Why are you so kind?” But this is who she is, she’s always been like this,
– said Serena Williams.

In addition, the tennis player, who first became a mother in September of 2017, gave a lot of tips pregnant Megan Markle. At the same time, Serena Williams admitted that she the Duchess, who has no experience in raising children, is the best advice.

“My main piece of advice is going to come. I too at first didn’t know how to have a baby, but then learned. She (Meghan Markle, 24 channel) will be a great mom because skillfully combines power and sensitivity,” added Serena Williams.

Яку пораду Меган Маркл отримала від своєї зіркової подруги: цікаві деталі - Lifestyle 24
Prince Harry and Megan Markle will be the parents / Getty Images

By the way, in mid-October, Kensington Palace officially confirmed the pregnancy rumors Megan Markle, and noted that the firstborn of the Royal couple will be born in the spring of 2019. According to the estimates of British experts, Megan is now 3 – 4 months pregnant. The news has already responded the father of the Duchess – Thomas Markle. He said that his daughter will be a great mom.

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