What are the advantages of lemon peel

Чем полезна кожура лимона

Many people drink tea with lemon, and then eat a slice with peel. And doing is absolutely right! As told by the doctors, in a lemon zest of vitamin C several times higher than in the pulp of a lemon, reports newsyou.info.

The benefits of lemon peel? It helps to remove toxins, fight inflammation and boosts the immune system. The lemon peel will help to protect against certain types of cancer: melanoma, tumors of the colon and breast cancer. It also generally reduces the risk of developing cancer.

In addition, lemon rind helps the production of hormones, improves blood circulation, accelerates metabolism, has beneficial effects on the condition of the joints and helps the liver to cope with toxins.

Another big plus – the lemon peel will help improve skin condition. To do this, it can not only eat, but also to use as a home remedy to care. Lemon peel helps to lighten pigmentation, to get rid of oily Shine, enlarged pores and inflammation. If you have very dry skin, use lemon peel is not necessary – it has a drying effect.

For those who are afraid of bacteria on the skin, there is still great news. The rind is rich in phytoncides and essential, which are natural antibiotics. Therefore, just wash the lemon and you can eat it with the skin without fear.

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