What are the chances of Klitschko and Saakashvili in the case of an Association: the experts

Какие шансы у Кличко и Саакашвили в случае объединения: оценка экспертов

Kyiv mayor Vitaly Klitschko decided to go with his party “Udar” to early elections. And recently, a politician called her Mikheil Saakashvili.

In his video, Klitschko also said that he remains the leader of the UDAR party and ex-President of Georgia proposed to become Chairman of the political power.

Saakashvili’s response was not slow. Walking along the route, it – also on camera – asked his supporters what to do. After all, the Klitschko he considers a decent person, and to the party, they say, there are questions.

The mayor of Kiev said in Borispol with a huge bouquet of flowers at the time of returning Miho to Ukraine. However, Klitschko called it a coincidence. But after a few days the capital head has led Saakashvili memorable places – boasted that revolutionized while in office.

Note that the comments below the video gathered more than three thousand. Saakashvili’s supporters suggest, some get discouraged, others – on the contrary. Friendly relations the mayor and ex-President of Georgia demonstrated long ago.

Experts about uniting politicians

“In the corridors of power long ago, there was talk that Klitschko wants to go for election campaign, but not to leave his place. Called your brother, brother did not agree and they were looking for another candidate,” – said Nikolay Davidyuk, a political scientist.

The Association itself is a very illogical. After all, Saakashvili two years fighting against Poroshenko and Klitschko, in contrast, was with him. Have a question about what is the main basis for this decision. Among these policies there are certain analogies, but ideologically they are different,

– the expert is convinced.

However, the powerful force of such a Union political analysts do not yet really believe. Supposedly, it will be a double-headed eagle: Klitschko will remain the mayor, Saakashvili, by law, has no right to become an MP. It is not lived continuously in Ukraine for the last five years. If he, of course, will not be able to circumvent the law.

“I am very skeptical about the electoral prospects of such enterprises. Vitali Klitschko has been looking for opportunities to combine with different policies. And sociology has shown that he is burdened by this or that politician, reduces the chances of passing a particular party in Parliament,” said political analyst Mykhailo Basarab.

Prospects for Saakashvili

A successful independent career in Ukraine in the nearest future Mikhail Saakashvili is unlikely to be built. Political analysts believe that after a failed governorship and quarrels with Poroshenko he is resigned to the fact that in Ukraine it is used as a political battering RAM. For example, to discredit and destroy other politicians.

The latest polls of the success of the Duo Klitschko and Saakashvili also do not provide. In the party the mayor’s support is less than 0.5%, the party of Saakashvili in the poll did not exist. According to political analysts, to accelerate to the walk-through 5% “hit” with a Georgian accent for less than two months before.

Какие шансы у Кличко и Саакашвили в случае объединения: оценка экспертов