What are the risks of vitamin B12 deficiency

Чем грозит дефицит витамина В12

Also known medically as cobalamin, vitamin B12 performs many important functions in our body. In particular, it is very important for the production of DNA and red blood cells and also for proper functioning of the nervous system.

Problems with mobility. Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause severe damage to the peripheral nerves. And because of this the person experiences serious traffic violations.

Anemia. A lack of vitamin B12 leads to a decline in the production of DNA, which are necessary for the production of red blood cells. And without them, the very cells in our body will not be able to share that may cause severe megaloblastic anemia.

Ulcers in the mouth. If you do not consume enough of the foods with cobalamin, it will lead to inflammation of the tongue and oral cavity. Data inflammation often manifest the characteristic sores.

Problems with vision. Vitamin B12 deficiency damages the optic nerve, causing blurred vision or other similar disorders.

The increased heart rate. Level the heartbeat may rise so much that the body coped with the lack of red blood cells. A rapid pulse is also harmful for our health.