“What are you doing this?”: Russia unexpectedly threatened all non-nuclear States

"Для чего вы это делаете?": Россия неожиданно пригрозила всем неядерным государствам

The Chairman of the Duma Committee on defense Vladimir Shamanov threatened that Russia will consider non-nuclear-weapon States as targets for their attacks if they will take part in joint exercises with tactical nuclear weapons together with the United States, reports ONLINE.UA with reference to “Interfax”.

According to him, NATO is increasing its military presence near Russian borders. Shamanov stressed that he does not like part of tactical aviation nearney States in the “events of the nuclear mission.”

“You what, non-nuclear countries, their planes are trained with the Americans in the so-called nuclear mission? We cannot ignore the possibility that you preoborudvat under certain conditions in a short time. You Americans still instead of conventional ammunition will hang and nuclear,” he said.

The government are convinced that in the framework of the “action Plan for increasing the combat readiness of the combined armed forces of NATO” and “concepts of forward presence and strengthen” the Alliance continues to grow near the borders of Russia. Russian politicians argue that NATO exercises in Eastern Europe, the waters of the North Atlantic, Baltic and Black seas supposedly “have clearly expressed anti-Russian orientation”.