What awaits Ukraine In Latvia, the closure of Russian schools has led to mass slaughters

Что ждет Украину: В Латвии закрытие русских школ привело к массовым побоищам

In the Latvian city of Liepaja, the former base of the Soviet Navy, where there are many Russian – brewing ethnic conflict. There are increasingly taking place in the mass brawl with ethnic coloration involving local schoolchildren. The warring parties were divided into two camps: the Russian-speaking and Latvians.

So, last week the police of Liepaja had to drive to different parts of the city hundreds of school children, who fought wall to wall. In local social networks say that what is happening is a direct consequence of the elimination of education in Russian, which comes into force from September this year.

“Latvians what age no matter, blame the Russian. Faced with this, even in University, the teacher came in reproach, saying why I was at recess talking in Russian in Latvian University and in General in Latvia. And what about the children if parents themselves incite this conflict,” the newspaper quoted one of the participants of the local forums.

The situation with the transfer of learning completely on the Latvian language threatens to end Russian-speaking students for failure – they will not be able to move quickly and will become uncompetitive before their Latvian peers.

“Russian-speaking children from bilingual schools where some subjects are taught in Latvian, show the worst knowledge in Latvian and English than students-the Latvians, but surpass them in knowledge in technical subjects – mathematics, physics, chemistry. While that gives them the opportunity to enroll in free training in higher educational institutions. But when teaching and these things will translate into the Latvian language, they will remain available only to commercial higher education. And that is unlikely. Because their level of knowledge could fall sharply”, – the publication adds.

Earlier, the Russian foreign Ministry has condemned the Parliament of Latvia, which on 23 March, at the third reading adopted amendments to the law “On education”, providing for the transfer of all schools to the state language of instruction (Latvian).

As you know, Ukraine also adopted a new law “On education” aimed at the closure of Russian and Hungarian educational institutions.

Что ждет Украину: В Латвии закрытие русских школ привело к массовым побоищам

Что ждет Украину: В Латвии закрытие русских школ привело к массовым побоищам