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До чого може призвести дефіцит води в організмі - 24 Канал

The human body consists of 70% water. That is why each person needs to monitor the volume of water in the body.

This writes nutritionist Svetlana FUS in Insagram.

She recalled that human blood consists of 83% water, brain, heart, muscles contain 76% of the fluid. Even bones consist of water, but only 15-20%.

What she really needs is evidenced by the fact that without water a person can live several days and without food for several weeks.

What can happen to the body when lowering of the water level:

– 2% – poor health, nausea, drowsiness;
– 6-10% – headache, dyspnea, impaired consciousness;
– 11-20% – deterioration of hearing, vision, cramps in the muscles;
– 25% – death occurs.


Therefore, the volume of water is an obligatory condition of normal functioning of the body. Dehydration can cause the development and consequence of several diseases.

The shortage of water in the body can lead to:

• increased pressure;
• migraine attacks;
• pain in the back and in the joints;
• weight;
• constipation;
• the formation of stones in kidneys and gall bladder.

До чого може призвести дефіцит води в організмі - 24 Канал
What can cause a shortage of water in the body

An insufficient amount of water in the body affects a person’s appearance: skin becomes flaccid and wrinkled, the hair dry and brittle, and the nails begin to flake.

And when the normal balance of water in the body, lowers cholesterol, normalizes blood pressure and intestinal function.

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