What can local authorities with the MP Minko saw the whole of Ukraine

На что способна местная власть с нардепом Минько увидела вся Украина

Equipment blocked the street and the hindering work of the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada

At the next meeting of the Executive Committee of the Melitopol likely to be the decision on reduction of tariffs for heat.

The authorities seem to be afraid of publicity in all of Ukraine, the scandal that occurred at the last session of city Council on February 28.

MP from the party “Servant of the people” Vladimir Kreidenko collected 4 thousand signatures of citizens for the reduction of tariffs for heat in Melitopol, intended to address the session of the Melitopol city Council with a proposal to create a temporary parliamentary Commission that reviewed the structure of the heat rate of the enterprise “Heat-Melitopol”, and made his conclusion – as he now is justified.

But people from the team of Sergey Minko at first did not want to put in the session hall of Kreidenko, and then locked it in the Bureau and was not allowed to say a word. Moreover, badly dented the MP side.

The scandal instantly became the subject of not only local but also the national media. Themselves melitopoltsy sure the heat tariff should be reduced and wonder why it’s not done until now.

The people’s Deputy of Ukraine Volodymyr Kreidenko sure he was acting legally and defending the interests of citizens. But let him, the local authorities, defending the interests of only two people – Sergei Minko and Ivan Fedorov.

But MP Sergei Minko caught in an awkward situation, in his commentary on the controversial event, first have listed all your achievements on a post of the mayor, and then suddenly said that the local authorities and so had planned to take a decision on reduction of tariffs for heat. Therefore, they say, space needs and meetings did not exist.

In simple terms, Melitopol government headed by the MP went back on his word. So “to become famous” to all Ukraine it is now it is not. Why? This is for two reasons. First, the people’s Deputy Vladimir Kreidenko represents the ruling party in the Parliament, which also has an absolute majority. Undoubtedly, the situation will continue, and can pretty Pat nerves to local authorities, which, incidentally, the chosen one is already stated.

And secondly, Melitopol officials fear not so much of publicity justification in utility tariffs, how much that the national media will be interested to learn about the millionth loan which is approved without discussion and how it plans to spend. It is with this question are related to the financial interests of many well-known in Melitopol people. And the initiative ze-MP may in the end spoil them all the plans to life.