What can tell numbness in the hands

О чем может рассказать онемение рук

Faced with such symptoms as numbness of the hands or feet? Let’s try to understand what violations it can speak and whom to contact.

Most often, numbness in the extremities, indicates inflammation, injury or compression of nerves.

One of the most common conditions that lead to compression of the nerve endings are intervertebral hernia, protrusion, sciatica.

The numbness and tingling of the hands also leads to carpal tunnel syndrome (tunnel syndrome). This is the common name of a group of neuropathic conditions, in which there is compression of the median nerve between the bones and tendons of the wrist.

Also the loss of sensitivity can cause some of the vascular pathology in which blood circulation.

This group of diseases, such as vasculitis carries over to the development of inflammation in the vessel wall, causing it to become thicker and in some places are formed by areas of contraction. This breaks down the process of blood supply that can cause numbness.

Occasionally there is spasm of blood vessels, blood circulation and a feeling of numbness due to Raynaud’s disease. When her limbs suddenly numb after exposure to some factor, for example, cold or stress. When the fingers turn white almost instantly, and there is a bursting pain.

Impair blood flow in small vessels may cause one of the complications of diabetes – diabetic neuropathy resulting in damage to peripheral vessels and nerves due to high content of glucose in the blood.

The most dangerous cause of numbness can be a stroke, in which as a result of acute disorders of cerebral circulation occurs damage parts of the brain responsible for the sensitivity of a particular part of the body.

In this case, you should be careful and be on the lookout in humans other symptoms, showing the stroke order to promptly take the necessary steps to avoid serious consequences.

Brain tumors also can cause loss of sensitivity.

Numbness can cause a deficiency of b vitamins (B1, B12, B9).

Diseases that cause numbness in hands and feet, enough to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe effective treatment can only specialist.

If you regularly numb limbs, for a start, contact your neurologist. He will examine, find out if there are other neurological symptoms or comorbidities.