What causes the escalation in the Donbas: EA

Какие причины обострения на Донбассе: версия эксперта

The military escalation in the Donbas have led complex reasons. Ukraine began to articulate his vision of the situation in the Donbass, which caused the dissatisfaction of Russia.

The opinion channel 24 is expressed by the co-chair KI – “Right cause” Dmitry Snegirev.

First, the expert said, is Russia’s reaction to Ukraine’s proposal on additional conditions for election to ORDO. Kiev insists: first, the restoration of control over the border, and then the election in ORDA. Russia is categorically against such a scenario. Secondly, the intensity of the attacks increased immediately after the statements of the Kremlin, in particular Lavrov that Ukraine allegedly did not fulfill the political part of Minsk agreements.

The escalation of military tension is a constant practice of Russia – an illustrative nature. The Kremlin demonstrates that the occupation administration can at any time go to the escalation of military tension. Moreover, using Minsk agreements prohibited weapons,

– emphasizes Dmitry Snegirev.

Thirdly, the specialist, the approval of new breeding troops. In Minsk at the Tripartite meeting of the contact group suggested additional breeding troops. The occupation administration “LPR”, according to Snegirev, pushes unacceptable for Ukraine, the items Happiness and Veselohorivka.

“Ukraine insists on opening KPVV in the Golden. And Russia for us on the tank hazardous areas. It is emblematic of the military escalation is on the Lugansk direction near the points of the nut, Novotoshkovskoye. And Gold-4 – pilot area for breeding troops. There are fighters again carried out mining. It is more than about 500 mines. It is a violation of the conditions of breeding,” – said Snegirev.

The expert stresses that Kiev is necessary to promote a road map that our representatives and demonstrated at the talks in Minsk.

We must clearly realize that the war will end when the conditions are met for Ukraine. Otherwise, the conflict becomes prolonged. The answer on the APU fire fighters should be tough and adequate. You have to play ahead of the curve,

– the expert is convinced.

What’s happening at the front? Within a few days, armed Pro-Russian formation the Russian Federation has repeatedly violated the cease-fire. In killing, the Ukrainian military is wounded. In particular, 20 Jan soldier of the United forces was killed and another injured. The enemy fired on Ukrainian positions forbidden by the Minsk agreements, 120 mm mortars and grenade launchers of various systems, heavy machine guns and other small arms. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim pristayko said that the response to such attacks on the Ukrainian side – Ukraine will urgently try to contact the partners of the Normandy format.

Who died in the Donbass in 2020: a list

Sergey Dichek 48 – year-old soldier was killed on 5 January due to the undermining of the truck with the Ukrainian soldiers who served in the 130th separate reconnaissance battalion;

Sergey Racun – 43-year-old soldier was killed January 6 from enemy bullets, served in the 93rd Ombre behalf of Kholodny Yar;

Nikolai Dovzhenko, is a 23-year-old fighter?? died January 9 from wounds received during the shelling, he served in the 28th Hombre Knights Winter Hike;

Vitaly Karavan – 26-year-old defender of Ukraine died 13 January presumably because of careless handling of ammunition, served in the 56-th separate mechanized infantry brigade Mariupol;

Alex Kuchkin – 24-year-old soldier was killed on 15 January by a sniper, served in the 92nd Ombre ataman Ivan Sirko;

Igor Chemical 29 – year-old soldier was killed on January 16 by a sniper, served in the 72nd Ombr Black Cossacks;

Valery bit – 32-year-old soldier was killed on 18 January from enemy bullets, he served in the 72nd Ombr Black Cossacks;

Alexander Slobodenuk 48 – year-old Junior Sergeant of the 72nd separate mechanized brigade of the Black Cossacks.

Какие причины обострения на Донбассе: версия эксперта