What computer game is useful for a child: expert’s answer cybersport

Often parents find it difficult to tear their children away from computers or smartphones. However, this is not always a bad thing, because online games can benefit children in particular, this motivates them to become better and smarter.

As computer games develop child, said the President of the Federation of eSports Esports Ukraine Ivan Danishevsky in the program “Ranok 24”.

How to determine whether the child has the makings of a Cyberathlete? “You just need to ask this, because most children hide such computer entertainment of parents. However, knowing his rank or level in the game, as it is in contact with the team and things like that, these inclinations can easily and quickly determine,” – said the expert.

What kind of development gets the child from what is being played

In addition, that child will succeed in a computer game, it also will get its own aspects of development.

“ESports is a very cool fact that he motivates people to get better. After this victory, commitment, teamwork and the like. So if the child is interested, become a professional in cybersapce, it sure will be better. I often see the growth of youth from 13 to 18 years old who got into this industry, strongly changing, getting smarter and become faster, “said Danishevsky.

Чем компьютерные игры полезны для ребенка: ответ эксперта по киберспорту

Чем компьютерные игры полезны для ребенка: ответ эксперта по киберспорту

Computer games are useful for children / Photo by Unsplash

However, for eSports right set of qualities. In particular, you need to be very smart, clever, kommunikabelen etc.

According to experts, when children see their peers who have attained the games a great success, it definitely attracts their attention and for this (to beg the parents to play games) a child can volunteer to clean my room or do homework.

Watch videos with expert commentary, than the game useful for a child

Interestingly, the Ukrainian eSports team won the championship, IEM Katowice Counter-Strike. The Ukrainians won a prize in the amount of $ 250,000.

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