What dangerous moles: a response scientists

Чем опасны родинки: ответ ученых

For a long time scientists have conducted research and found out why you need to regularly monitor the moles on your body and get checked out by doctors, write “Accents”.

According to them, if on the body a new mole, not the same shape as a normal body, then you need to immediately go to the profile expert.

They also said that you need to pay attention to the nails. If you see spots, it is possible melanoma, a disease that can seriously affect human health.

It should be noted that when melanoma mole can change color, shape or size. Usually it starts with flat moles, which is similar to a birthmark. Also, doctors warn about the mole with uneven edges is greater than 6 millimeters, then you need to go directly to a specialist.

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