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Яку небезпеку несуть гігієнічні антисептики для рук - 24 Канал

Modern man, taking advantage of the benefits of civilization, cannot even imagine how can afford to hurt. Perhaps there is now no single person who would going on a trip, I did not take a suitcase packing with wet wipes or antiseptic gel.

This is in exclusive comments for Health 24, told the associate Professor of the Department of anesthesiology and critical care medicine Bukovina state medical University Akentev Sergey.

Hand sanitizer – sanitizer that is used in medicine to prevent transmission of pathogenic microbes, but also to comply with the basic rules of hand hygiene in places where sink and soap are not available. Antiseptics for the hands are divided into:

  • Alcohol
  • Parabens: ethylparaben, butylparaben, methylparaben, propylparaben.
  • Triclosan and its derivatives.
  • Antiseptic with aromatics.
  • Antisepsis with antimicrobial applications (antibiotics derivatives).

It should be noted that the most reliable way to prevent the spread of pathogenic microbes is considered to be washing your hands with soap and water.


Associate Professor Sergey Akentev

“The human body coexists in a lifetime with 2 kagra microflora is a single ecosystem. Microflora has a significant impact as a whole on human immunity and local (in this case skin) immunity. It makes the skin a barrier against pathogenic bacteria, which are waiting for when this barrier is damaged.”

Uncontrolled and frequent use (every day several times) hygienic and antiseptic wipes antiseptic may contribute to the imbalance of microorganisms of the skin on the use of harmful (pathogenic) microbes. Wipes, which are impregnated with liquid with alcohol dry the skin, which becomes fragile, is subjected to flaking, itching may occur. Wipes that have no alcohol, however, contain various preservatives, promote allergic reactions, you may experience contact dermatitis (especially in infants), even eczema.


It turns out that the resident microflora is (a constant), which is 90% of the total number of microorganisms thrives in an acidic environment. Well propagated, and promotes the body’s ability to get rid of harmful microflora, which in such conditions is uncomfortable.

Thus, biological stability, clarity and protection against pathogens. It is considered that is optimal for the skin an acidic environment in the range 4.0 to 4.5 (prevalence in the tissues of acidic substances).

Associate Professor Sergey Akentev

“Suggest the rational for hand hygiene to choose not only the good composition means for care, but also to test their level of acidity. It is necessary to make a goal to not choose alcohol or an antibacterial agent, and funds from the acidity that is most consistent with the resident bacterial flora of the skin (in the range of 4.0 to 4.5). Read what is written on the package!”

Ease of use wipes with a spray antiseptikami understand in a way, travel, trips, transport. However, uncontrolled, frequent, daily use can lead to unintended consequences. Therefore, we continue to study rational hygiene, based on scientific facts!

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