What do Melania trump with racists and Nazis: expert – 24 Channel

Що спільного у Меланії Трамп з расистами і нацистами: думка експерта - 24 Канал

Strange thing happened in Egypt, where a humanitarian mission arrived Melania trump, wife of the current President of the United States. The first lady States usually are traveling across the globe to promote projects in the field of education, medicine, science, culture and the like. And this time it was not the purpose of the visit Melania was interested and amazed the world, and her outfits.

About this in his video blog, “Mad world” told the journalist Ivan Yakovina.

According to him, the pyramids and the Sphinx Melania trump posed in a hat, a cream suit, white shirt, and this would not be anything special if not for the Association, which occurred just automatically. In fact, as first lady, in the movie “Indiana Jones. Raiders of the lost ark” was wearing Emile rené Belloc – a French archaeologist, who collaborated with the Nazis.

Melania looked just like his female version. The pyramids, the sand and sphinxes only added to the picture of authenticity. Wife trump immediately suspected of sympathizing with the Nazis. Well, at least until the Nazi collaborators. The first lady, of course, denied the rumors, saying that he chose clothes with some intentions, and all came out quite by accident,
– said the journalist.

He added: “Maybe so. And remember, she recently appeared among the black residents of Kenya, in a white velvet helmet – the most striking symbol of colonialism, and even racism”.

Що спільного у Меланії Трамп з расистами і нацистами: думка експерта - 24 Канал
Melania trump in Kenya

On the other hand, as summed up by Ivan Yakovina, some Americans believe that a wife trump uses outfits as an alarm system with secret signs, and thus tries to tell the world something amazing about your husband. But in this case, clothing Melania would mean that Donald trump loves racists and of Nazi collaborators. To understand the situation really is a difficult task.

Video full edition video blog of Ivan Yakovin “Mad world” 12 Oct-2018


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