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Від яких напоїв краще відмовитися на борту літака - 24 Канал

On Board the plane, the flight attendants offer passengers to enjoy a meal and drink hot tea or coffee. And he is the last to give up.

This writes the newspaper the New York Post, citing experts Food Policy Center Centerscore College in new York.

The experts surveyed 11 airlines servicing procedures of water tanks. It turned out that things that are not visible to passengers that do not have priority for harvesting.

Executive Director Charles Platkin Food Policy Center said that when the plane lands, the water tank does not defecate and not cleaned up, because there’s no time.


The water tank is filled with liquid up to the top after each use. Everything that settles to the bottom, remains in the water.

The rules of the American airlines include cleaning of water tanks four times per year. The expert also advised to bring antiseptic and use it after using the restroom.

Therefore, experts advise passengers to drink coffee and teaserved on Board the aircraft, as there can be dangerous bacteria, for example Escherichia coli.


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