What drinks are the enemies of white teeth

Какие напитки являются врагами белизны зубов

Doctors called drinks, which give the human teeth yellowish or brownish tint. Writes Newsmir.info referring to the Chronicle. info.

So, have a negative impact on the teeth is capable of red wine. It includes polyphenols, which destroy tooth enamel. In addition, these components of this alcoholic beverage, such as Chromogens and tannins that stain the teeth yellow or brown. Wish to have white teeth is also harmful to drinking coffee. If you did not manage to give it up, start to add in a drink of milk. Due to the presence of calcium in the past, tooth enamel stronger and more resistant to the negative effects.

The stains on the teeth appear as a result of the consumption of tomato juice. This drink has a high level of acidity, which provokes the appearance of pigmentation. However, its negative effect on teeth can be prevented by eating before drinking is lettuce, spinach or broccoli. Moreover, tannins are an integral part of green and black tea. But to completely abandon its use is not necessary. Because this drink has a therapeutic effect against the teeth. Tea protects them from exposure to harmful bacteria that can cause many diseases.