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Які звички у харчуванні  вбережуть від розвитку раку - 24 Канал

Oncologists are assured that the best cancer prevention is a healthy diet.

About it writes portal 24apteka.

1. Eat less red meat

And the products of its industrial processing. Research confirms that vegetarians get cancer twice as often than meat-lovers. Even dietary Turkey meat contains carcinogens.

2. Often eat fish

Fish contains essential fatty acids omega-3. Doctors say that you need to give preference to marine species. A good source of iodine, prevents the development of cancer, are cod, halibut, hake.


3. Herbal products

And only those that are not subjected to heat treatment such as vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Cancer risk can be halved through the use of these products.

4. Abstinence from alcohol

The researchers say that abandoning these two bad habits, the man provides protection from malignant tumors. Some studies argue that such a failure reduces the risk of cancer by up to 70%.

Які звички у харчуванні  вбережуть від розвитку раку - 24 Канал
Abstinence from alcohol

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