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Які вакцини проти грипу є в Україні та яка вартість - 24 Канал

For several weeks in all pharmacies of the country you can purchase the flu vaccine. In General, the MINISTRY of health has purchased 350 thousand vaccines.

About it reported in a press-service of the Ministry of health.

What flu vaccine in Ukraine

This year in Ukraine two vaccines are available against influenza: “Vaksihryp Tetra” (manufacturer “Sanofi Pasteur”, France) and “Dis flu” (“green Cross Corporation”, South Korea) — both quality and safe.

The vaccine “Vaksihryp Tetra” can be used for vaccination of children aged three yearsand “Dis flu” — from six months.


How much is the flu vaccine

The cost of the vaccine will range from 200 to 350 UAH. The Ministry recalled that the treatment of influenza, according to various estimates, will cost the patient from 420 to 2,800 UAH, depending on the severity of the disease.

Annual vaccination is the most effective means for the prevention of influenza. The vaccine did not negatively affect human immunity, and strengthens and makes to work more actively and productively
– reminded the MINISTRY of health.

First vaccination must be done: medics, teachers, children under five years, pregnant women, elderly people over 60 years old, patients with chronic diseases and all who work in crowded places.

Vaccination reduces the likelihood of severe disease and complications is reduced by 60%, the probability of fatalities by 80% and frequency of hospitalization by about 50%.

The Director of the Centre for public health Ministry of health Mr Kurpita noted that the flu is at risk for the more than 13 million people.



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