What food additives cause cancer

Какие пищевые добавки вызывают рак

Many food products contain a whole set of food additives. Doctors have called the codes for the compounds, which lead to the development of cancer, reports svidok.online.

Some threats to health are dyes whose code begins with the number “1”.

The most dangerous is recognized E104 (a carcinogen). Quinoline is a yellow dye banned in the United States. Supplement leads to allergies, reducing the attention and activity in children.

Further experts called supplements E: 155, 142, 129, 127, 123, 124а, 122, 110 and 102.

Among the hazardous preservative called starting at number “2”. Extremely harmful of them is called boric acid with borax (E285) and boric acid (Е284).

Supplements that start with the number “3”, exert antioxidant action. Especially dangerous is recognized Е385. Stuff binds magnesium and calcium, not allowing them to be absorbed.

Hazardous to health are and emulsifiers. They support the structure of the product. And the most dangerous of them recognized Е512, which can cause nausea and vomiting.

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