What foods not to eat after 30

Какие продукты нельзя есть после 30

As you approach middle age you need to carefully reconsider your diet. For anybody not a secret that the foods we eat affect our health. The elimination of harmful substances greatly increases the chances of staying healthy for many years. Experts provided a list of foods that harm after 30 years, reports newsyou.info.

Flavored yogurt

We often keep yogurt in the fridge as a healthy product, but the flavoured varieties contain a lot of sugar per serving – 47 grams. Buy plain or Greek yogurt, mix with fresh or dried fruit is a great alternative. Yogurt good for the digestive health, especially after 30 years.

White bread

White flour raises blood sugar levels and contains practically no vitamins and minerals present in whole wheat. The white bread contains less fibre, and you need more fiber to maintain digestive system healthy.

Packaged fruit juices

Juice is not as beneficial as fruit. Juice squeezed from the fruits, beneficial fiber removed. Fiber helps reduce the rate at which the sugar from the fruit enters the bloodstream. Pure juice, especially industrial is not equal to fruit is preferable after 30 years.

In-store baking

If you eat sweets, then home. In baked goods, produced in industrial scale, use hydrogenated oils – they look fresh for weeks. At home you can control the ingredients, use less sugar and butter.

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