What fruit will help to cope with depression

Какой фрукт поможет справиться с депрессией

The cold season often drives many people into depression: no desire to work all the time I want to sleep, sad mood. However, this situation can be quickly corrected with properly chosen diet.

Scientists have found that kiwi fruit helps to maintain good condition of the nervous system and improves the vitality of man.

The fact is that these fruits contain added dietary fiber and fruit acids, helps to maintain harmony, to raise mood and even fight depression. In kiwi contains useful substances – organic acids, pectin, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, fiber, carbohydrates and even proteins and vitamin C in it very much.

Regularly eating kiwifruit can improve mood and prolong life. By eating this fruit in the human body produces hormone of happiness – endorphins, and improves mood. According to nutritionists, eating a kilo of kiwi for a month increase the duration of life.

Kiwi can be eaten fresh or to make jelly and jams, to jam, to add to salads. The only limitation to taking this fruit in the food, hyperacidity and diarrhea.