What gadget is the most significant in the last decade

The Verge has prepared a list of the 100 most important gadgets of the last decade. According to journalists authoritative publication, the most significant was the release of the iPhone 4, which marked a new milestone in the development of proprietary smartphones by Apple.

The Quartet performed in the case of glass and metal, became not only the most beautiful representative of the model range iPhone, but is radically different from their predecessors from a technical point of view, the story tells The Verge.

For iPhone 4 and earned the championship

iPhone 4, despite the fact that was already the apparatus of the fourth generation, was in many ways a pioneer.

  • He became the first iPhone, which has got Retina display with a pixel density of 326 ppi
  • The first iPhone with front camera
  • The first iPhone running iOS, which was renamed from iPhoneOS
  • The first iPhone with A4 processor developed Apple.

It marked the beginning of long-term advantage over its competitors, whose solutions yielded cupertinos real performance.

The presentation of the iPhone 4 – see the video

The result of those works we can observe today, when the processor A13 Bionic effortlessly puts on the shoulder Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 on the level of performance. By the way, the first devices based on Qualcomm processor will be available only in 2020, a proprietary processor Apple already can be counted in the smartphones line iPhone 11.

The biggest leak in the history of Apple related with iPhone 4

However, iPhone 4 has become famous not only for its technological advancement, but also the fact that he was involved in perhaps the biggest leak in Apple history. After all, iPhone 4 forgetful engineer, working in team iPhone, accidentally left on the counter.

For that negligent employee was fired, Steve jobs almost had a stroke, and the world for a few months before the release of saw will look new Apple smartphone.

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